Poems by Cheryl Lynn
"It's Easier For Us" June 14, 2006
I talked to a friend of my wife's today. I told her I was TS. She said my wife told her already. I said my wife was having a hard time with me being TS. Then her friend said: "She is having a very hard time. You have it easier." I left without telling her my grief.
My son's see and talk to her. I can't, they do not want me around or talk to me now.
She can talk about any thing with her mom. I can't with my parents, the legal issues are not done.
Her family love and support her. I can't tell my other family yet.
She has friends that think I'm a sinner, a freak. I do have friends that support me. They are only 1,000 miles away or more. I have a local support group that helps.
My friends love and support me. They love me not my gender!
She can go any where without problems. Me, I have to be very careful. People: laugh at, shun, refuse service, call security or the police when I use the bathroom.
I know of transgendered people that get ganged up on, beat up, attacked: just because we are different. Some transgender people are killed for being themselves.
Generic women can dress any way thet want. We can't.
A non transgendered person know they are normal. They know what and who they are. A transgendered person generally knows at a young age we are different. We, as transgendered, may feel like a freak, not normal, shunned.
We are confused about what and who we are. DO YOU QUESTION YOURSELF? We do.
Being a transgendered person can cause so much stress. We attemp suicide and many succeed because of the stress.
By Cheryl Lynne


   Is That All There Is?                 June 12, 2006
Is that all there is
Why can't it get any better
It feels so right to do
Then the guilt sets in again
I am a freak of nature
There is only one like me
Why do I even exsist
Who could ever love me
Is that all there is
Will someone answer me
The questions that burn inside
What and who will I be
How can I find out what I am
Then who will I turn out to be
A lonely freak of nature
Can anyone tell me
Is that all there is
NO! There are others like me
A Transgendered Person
Some call a Special Spirit
We are born of two spirits inside
There is a place for us to go
In Port Angeles we are Welcome
At the Esprit Gala Conferance I will go
  By Cheryl Lynne


   "My Wife"             June 11, 2006
My wife is having a hard time
She has put up with way too much
I never told her I cross dressed
I thought I was cured by then
A couple of years after we married
My need to cross dress came back
It was hid from her and others
Then one night I told her about it
I told her I wanted to wear night gowns
Woman's panties I wanted too
Cheeper was the reason I gave her
Nighties and panties were cool
Why can't a guy have nighties
Girls wear jeans and tuxes too
The double standard is wrong
For men and women alike
So to my wife I write this poem
To say I am sorry I decieved
When you file the divorce papers
All this grief will be over for you
My stuff I will remove it soon
I hope you won't be hurt
May we be friends when it';s over
A girl friend I want to be
If only you will see me
As Cheryl Lynne that's who
  By Cheryl Lynne
  The Mountain, Leaf, & Cloud                  June 14, 2006
  Some where ,there is a rainbow.
There is not a single duplicate mountain
Not a double in leafs any where
All clouds are different
So why be like anyone else
We are all different
Are looks, voices, beliefs that important
Do we need to match each other
The differences in ourselves is normal
OH how I dislike the word normal now
Normal is only a word
What is normal really
It is just a word used to make one fit in the box
The box that says female or male
Why even mark one box or any box
Why label a bathroom as female or male
Let us just say bathroom
If that is done then how could anyone object
To have a security guard or police go in the bathroom with you
That is never apporiate in my opinion
Even if the other person is TG
A TG has to use it some time
My writings are never repeated in an other
Well maybe once in a while
So be different and rejoice in being you
Love yourself and others
  By Cheryl Lynne
Thank You Lupe for the inspiration


     The light of my night               July 26, 2006
The love I share with my friends
Things from my past
The problems I face
Letting my fears over take
Drawing me down the dark hole
The darkness I face
Is lite by love of my friends
There love gives me strength
To row away the dark nights
I row away my dark fears
Love is true and runs deep
It goes deeper than fear
It goes further than the hole
So the light of my night
Is the love for my friends
The light burns bright
It gives hope to my life
It's fueled by there love
To burn bright thru my night
It gets me to the sun's lite
  By Cheryl Lynne