Treatment of Youth


To say treatment of young transsexuals (under the age of 18) is complex would be understatement .
Even throughout the world there is great debate over the medical treatment of these individuals.
To begin, consent can be an issue given the individual is a minor.  There are the issues of puberty
which can be devastating to a transwoman who is beginning the irreversible changes of facial hair , changes in
stature and bond structure, as well as deepening of the voice.   In the young FTM the onset of menses and
breast development can also be a terrifying and depressing affair.  The incidence of suicidal thought and
depression is very high particularly if there is not good family support.  The level of understanding of
Gender Dysphoria is very primitive even in adults in our society and the legal protections are few.
Parents may struggle with a lack of information and guilt over their gender variant child who does not
conform the expected norm for their overt sex. I have treated a few of these patients with the help
of some highly motivated professionals in Portland.  Unfortunately we do not have a Gender Disorder Clinic
for adults let alone adolescents. 

I have tried to place some resources below that I have found helpful.  I do not think there is one supreme
authority in the world. But I believe in time consensus will occur.  One peculiar problem in Oregon is
that the legislature mandated mental health be treated in a par with physical illness.  However, some
insurance companies  specifically proscribe treatment for this condition. In time I hope to add to this section.

The stages of puberty are described  Stages of Puberty

ITransActive Education & Advocacy is a powerful voice [Add link to]

I have met with Jenn Burleton who is the Founder and Executive Director of TransActive, which is based in Portland, Oregon but services families nationwide. She can be reached via email at

TransActive is a non-profit organization that works with transgender and gender non-conforming children, youth and their families by providing individual, family and group counseling as well as support, advocacy and training services to the community-at-large.

Their contact information in Portland is:
TransActive Education & Advocacy
1631 NE Broadway
Suite 355-T
Portland, OR  97232

The Gires Foundation has a wonderful section of treatment in various countries in Europe
which is a thoughtful discussion of the options     Treatment of Young Transsexuals

Fertility in young transsexuals is also an issue as early intervention in pubertal Human Beings
might affect fertility.   A very complete article is Present and future reproductive options for transsexual people -- De Sutter 16 (4) 612 -- Human Reproduction.htm

I was deeply touched by the reception at PFLAG March 13, 2007.   I have included that presentation here  Hormones-PFLAG  03132007
PFLAG  meets at

  • First United Methodist Church
    1838 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201