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The purpose of this website is to give all the condo owners at Puerto Vallarta Peninsula Condominiums a place to know each other and to discuss problems and solutions in a reasonable and amiable way.   I will try to refrain from politicizing and emulate the native population which exhibits so much tolerance and good humor.  We are profoundly fortunate to be in a paradise not easily found.  If we all work together peaceably but united we can solve any problem.

My name is Sara Becker.  .  I am a Family Physician from Portland, Oregon.  The left picture is my condo and reminds me of what I am working for.  The center picture is my best friend and my son on the beach.  I am also a commercial pilot.  I hope to make PV my home someday

Our strength lies in communication and the ability to reason with the developer as an informed group.


I know there is much frustration over services, rental issues, repairs, inter-tower politics and now earthquakes.   Yes there are problems.  Even God had trouble with one of his angels.   I hope most of us will take the long view and realize that we can solve these problems because they are just problems.  We can and should treat each other with respect and with tolerance.  We are an international community who by our very presence here are not average people.    People will come and people will go subject to their own needs.   We are not developing a home we are developing a community.  Let us all work together so that the community we establish is one we can enjoy our friends, our family and the culture that surrounds us.   We have had hurricane winds and now an earthquake. (The locusts are next week)   The building is still there.  Bridges may fall.      We will face some challenges but they are not insurmountable.

I try to present information in chronological order so the older information is farther down



NEWS 06/25/2012 08:52 PM   IMPORTANT NOTICE  Remember this is in chronologic order so that the most recent follows below!!

The Pool is doing fine.  We are working on a password protected website.  I have made no entries to this website since December in anticipation of a new website which is under development.  That this website has flaws I readily admit.  That said is no news good news? If history even at Peninsula has taught us nothing the one repetitive theme is that some issues do not get resolved without the knowledge of the event and the evolving consensus that change needs to occur.   We have a new administrator for Tower 3 Julian Aznar after Oswaldo moved on to a new position elsewhere.  We have no titles yet but are told that Tower 1 is getting their titles even though they were built two years after  Tower 3.   I have no knowledge as to when we will get our titles although rumors abound. I am sure they will come eventually. It is still a gorgeous place to come to.  Some warts exist on even the most beautiful person.  I have asked the board of Tower 3 whether they wish to have this website disbanded.  As in all groups, there is disparity of opinion but the consensus  was not to abolish it.  

The gates are almost finished.  Here are some additional views from the front in addition to the Yahoo talk group pictures.  This is a great achievement for the entire complex including Felipe Tome , Fernando Alercon administrator of Tower 2, Rick Maslow Dewey Dessler and other individuals in Tower 2 and members of T3 board.  Hats off to CC, Oswaldo and others in Admin who also played a great role.  We should be proud we have pulled together to produce a beautiful effect and enhancement to the safety of our home.


Teatro Lemon I am told will be providing outdoor food for sale the coming week at the complex.  This is one of the finest restaurants in the city.  If enough owners are interested perhaps we can have him here to not only provide meals but also cooking classes , get togethers and wine tastings

Pool is about 80 degrees. Weather is cool here




I have had one comment from an owner/condo renter that it is wrong to put this information where it is widely accessible.  That it is wrong to  enable potential renters to find out the pool where they might rent is at 68 degrees.  The problem with passwords are that once the password is leaked it is common knowledge.  What is the liability of the complex if a condo is rented with reasonable expectations and the renter arrives to find the pool frigid?  Who gets to reimburse the renter for an bad experience? How will our reputation be enhanced in an international community?  If there is a majority of owners who feel this website does more harm then good let me know. 

I truly apologize for any one who is inconvenienced by these events and this knowledge. I do not create these events.   Owners are stretched across three countries and seven time zones.  Time and again there is a clamor for information.  it is still not perfect.  The problems that face us are really small.  Helping Tower 1 become a civil association with the power to gather and disburse maintenance fees and to actively participate in the management of the complex will be really a step in the right direction.  Tower 3 and I believe Tower 2 are eager to help this occur. The fact that Peninsula has growing pains is common knowledge.  The fact that we have come together to resolve these issues openly such as with gates, pools, security and community is a testament to our strength.  It is not a weakness to say we have a problem but we are fixing it.   If anyone questions the ability of this community to overcome difficulties let them stand before the elegant gates in front of the pool.  We should all be very proud of this.




Yesterday December 23, the  main pool was heated to about 77 degrees. Hopefully it will be up to 82 or so now. The voices of the owners were heard. 

December 22, 2011    For those who have not learned yet the large pool is unheated and at 68 Degrees F.  This was based on a decision by the pool administrator of Tower 2 and Tower 1 to save money.  It was and is the position of Tower 3 board that the large pool should be heated.  Some movement is underway to heat the main pool now.  The unfortunate politics of the Penninsula  have once again led to an unfortunate outcome.  If you are here in PV let your displeasure be known if this is unacceptable to you.  As a note this is not completely respolved as Tower 1 which has the indoor spa and is heated with joint funds does not let non-tower 1 residents use the spa.


Old News



Below is the latest Tower 3 newsletter


 October news spanish.webarchive                      October newsletter.webarchive


Below is the October Tower 3 newsletter. Plans are moving forward for administration of the pool, the gates and redesign of the casita


October newsletter Octubre.pdf



At the request of Tower 2 Board I have included the newsletter from Tower 2 for October.  I have also included the Pool Review and the Pool Maintenance Agreement.  The Tower 2 report contains some issues some might find controversial.  The "Cisco Report"  or pool report commissioned by the board of Tower 2  in March of 2009 details deficiencies of the pool. Per Tower 2 the report was sent to Tower 2 board members in mid summer of 2009.   Tower 3 became a Civil Association in November of 2009.

 Tower 3 assumed a shared responsibility with the other towers for the pool in the spring of 2010.  Tower 1 would be responsible for landscaping.  Tower 2 would be in charge of security.  Tower 3 would assume administration of the pool.  There was never a order or request for a new survey of the pool after Tower 3 assumed administration of the pool.  Tower 2 never gave out the results of the commissioned pool report to Tower 3 or for that matter, as  far as is known,  anyone outside of the board of Tower 2.   Tower 2 as delineated below resigned from its role in Security as outlined  below.  The reason given was that Tower 2 choices for security were not respected.  Neither Tower 1 or Tower 3 agreed to certain aspects of the proposed  complex security by Tower 2.  Compromise could not be reached. Thus an impasse occurred and the abrupt  resignation of Tower 2 from security  followed.  Tower 1 continued to do landscaping splitting the cost of the common areas with Tower 3, 50/50. Tower 2 board states they have no authority to landscape the common areas from their homeowners.   Tower 3 continued to administer the pool until a demand for a refund of certain reserve funds from  Tower 2 that were necessary for the higher heating bills in the winter months. Continuing to administer the pool would have made Tower 3 owners solely responsible for excessive costs for heat and maintenance.  From a fiduciary standpoint,  the board of Tower 3 was left with little choice.  Tower 1 continues landscaping. There is a current pool agreement whereby Tower 2 and 3 will jointly administer the pool.  Tower 3 has agreed to this including the increased reserve fund needed to heat the pool. Tower 3 is awaiting formal reply by Tower 2 to this agreement.


At a meeting on March 18, 2011, all three Towers made a commitment to not unilaterally allow to happen or carry out any action that would endanger complex personnel.  One week later Tower 2 allowed the lights to the turnaround and the casita to be turned off.


 Currently all the administrators of the three towers are working closely together to resolve common issues.   We are jointly moving forward in areas of security , safety and repairing the pool as judged by a meeting of Tower 1, 2, and 3 with associated administrators over possible repairs to the surface of the pool on October 5, 2011.    I personally have great faith in the ability to all three tower administrators to work out common problems together and appreciate their joint commitment .

I hope soon to publish the schematics of the fence , gates and new casita.

If this all seems complex, it is.  Again, we must unite to resolve issues that belong to all of us. I have found emails and newsletters lack the personnel contact and emotion that goes into written communication. There are always at least two sides to an argument and both sides can be right and wrong.  In past years I have been accused of being 'brainwashed, naive and confused.  I confess guilty to all three charges.   Perception is reality to many.   Remember when you read anything , it is not always true because it is printed nor does it contained always all the sides of an issue.  In the end, I do not believe any person in a position of authority here  has any greater desire than to serve the common good of the Peninsula.

We are a very bright community.  Let us use knowledge to come together,   not to be driven apart.     Remember these are my opinions.  The September 25 comments are still valid


Pendientes en alberc  (Pool Report)

Newsletter October 2011 - Peninsula T2.pdf

Periodico Octubre 2011 - Peninsula T2.pdf


 At the request of the Tower 2 board I have included the newsletter from Tower 2.   Information binds us together and diminishes misunderstanding. I am pleased to be asked to   offer this

 Periodico Agosto 2011 - Peninsula T2.pdf          Newsletter August 2011 - Peninsula T2.pdf


September 25, 2011 ( A personal note)

The last few weeks have seen some extraordinary events that been publicized.  There was a robbery attempt in the complex between a renter and two gunman.  There was an attempt to steal ATVs from the garage.  The criminals were apprehended at a confrontation near the naval base.  The last two weeks have seen behavior on the part of renters including drunk and disorderly conduct, public indecency and occupancy that lies outside of the guidelines for condos  (for those who do not know A and D units are authorized for 10, B and C units for 8. 


 Sometimes,  there is a feeling among some that there is rampant discord among the different tower administrations with each other. We are young community that has had to  resolve issues left to us by a developer who exceeded in artistic ability, and location   but has not been as proficient at practical details and problem resolution  as might have been wished.   Residents of Tower 3, three years later still does not have their titles.  I consider this a major issue. I do not have a firm reason for this at this time despite attempts to find out.  I have no firm insight as to when this will happen.

The recent issues have again evoked  a higher  desire on the part of all three towers to work together on security (particularly to secure the south side against ingress by criminal and petty trespass elements) , to augment the casita and internal tower security.  There are other internal security procedures and equipment that will bolster safety and security that I will not disclose here.  I would strongly advise those who would victimize our property and residents that you now will be recorded and caught. The beach gates are being finalized. 

 The three tower administrations are also working on uniform renter identification, renter agreements  , policies and procedures.  Some of the behaviors that recently occurred again emphasized that   owners and their designated representatives who rent have a moral and economic responsibility to screen and vet their renters. Owner's Representatives who do not perform due diligence and supervision of those they rent to face potential sanction extending to banning  from the complex by the  administrations of the three towers.    The common areas belong to owners, not renters.  

  The boards and administrators of the three towers  are jointly working on an assessment of the present and future status of the  main pool with all the towers. It will require resurfacing and repair  in the near future.  The timing, financing and sharing of this is being actively discussed by the three tower administrations.  

Individuals who serve as board members serve at their own expense and time sometimes to exclusion of time with their families and occupations.  The reward is the safety and security of our homes. our paradise on earth.  Their is no greater treasure than having a home that is as beautiful as what we have.  I often tell my patients who know how much I treasure my condo that I hope heaven is as good as my balcony in PV  at sunset.

 In the thirty four years I have been a Family Physician, I have found that to express any opinion is to create in  disquiet and dissent. I feel the times are somewhat extraordinary.     In ancient Roman times , it was commonly expressed that Rome is the mob.  We cannot function as a mob. We must function as all vested in the future and harmony of this extraordinary community. 

Sara Becker






Tower 3 will continue to administer the pool for the benefit of all.  Hopefully new agreements can be reached.  Below is the email in original form where Tower 2 resigned from being in charge of security.  There continues to be an unfortunate disagreement in sharing of services which has led to interruption of power to the casita. Each tower is caring for its own security.

Dear Tower III homeowners

For your information


Following is an e-mail received in the past days from tower II where they are resigning as the administrator of the complex security


Estimados Condóminos Torre III


Hacemos de su conocimiento el correo recibido en días pasados en donde Torre II renuncia a su puesto de administrador de seguridad del complejo

English below

De: Consejo de Administración de Torre IIA: Torre I y Torre III

Asunto: Administración de la Seguridad en Residencial Península

Por medio de la presente les notificamos que el Consejo de Administración de Torre II ha determinado que no es aceptable que continuemos como "Administradores" de la seguridad solo en la palabra.

Lamentamos que, por cuestiones ajenas a nuestro control, no podamos ejercer las mejoras sobre la seguridad en el complejo. Como creemos que la situación no mejorará en un futuro cercano, para nosotros seguir como "administrador de la seguridad" es, no solo deshonesto, sino engañoso. Por lo tanto, es interés común para todos que renunciemos inmediatamente como el "Administrador de la Seguridad de Residencial Península".

Sugerimos que cada torre tome los pasos necesarios para proveer de seguridad tanto a sus residentes como a su torre. Por supuesto que estamos dispuestos a discutir, en cualquier momento, sobre las reales mejoras en la seguridad.


Consejo de Administración de Torre II.

Español arriba
To:  Torres I and Torres III

Re:  Residential Peninsula Security Administration

Please be advised that the Torres II Board of Directors has determined that for us to continue as "Administrator" in name only is unacceptable.  

We regret that for reasons beyond our control we unable to improve overall security of the complex. Because we do not anticipate that the situation will improve in the near future for us to continue as "security administrator" is misleading and dishonest. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all that we resign immediately as the "Residential Peninsula Security Administrator".

We suggest that each Torres continue to take the steps its feels are necessary to provide for the security for its residents and property that it deems necessary. Of course , we remain willing to discuss real security improvements at any time with you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Torres II Board of Directors  

Cecilia Fernanda Delgado
Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio # 2485 Zona Hotelera Norte
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (48333)
Of.: 52 322 209 2131
Cel: 52 322 182 1406
Nextel: 52 322 177 2167 I.D.: 92*960080*3







March  19, 2011 will be the annual shareholders meeting for 2011. If individuals cannot attend but are willing to email me or Oswaldo with concerns we will try to address them at the end of the agenda.   We are looking into improving safety and also services in Tower 3.  Be sure to send your proxy with someone attending the meeting if you cannot attend. 

On a personal note I think we are making progress on all fronts particularly working with the other towers to improve security and services .

The pool is well heated and maintained.    I keep getting questions about this. 

The annual shareholders  Tower 3  meeting for 2011 is set for March 19, 2011  save the day.






In accordance with articles 180, 181, 182, 183 and all regulations relating to the RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE ADMINISTRATION of Condominio Específico Residencial PenínsulaTorre III A.C. we are providing official notice to the owners of tower III of the Annual Ordinary Assembly to take place on the 19th day of March, 2011 at 10:00 hours at the Business center, located in Tower III, residing at Av. Francisco Medina Asencio 2485 Torre III, Zona Hotelera Norte, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, for the purpose of reviewing the following:


First.- List of Attendees

Second.- Election of the President, appointment of the Secretary, Vote Counters, and inauguration of the Assembly.

Third.- Administration report.

Fourth.- Presentation and approval of the Common Administration and Maintenance Expense Budget for the year 2011

Fifth.- Presentation of the amount and form of payment for the maintenance fees, as well as the determination of the late fee penalty necessary to guarantee the payment of the Maintenance Fees.

Sixth.- Election and/or ratification of the Members of the Directors Board for the year 2011.

Seventh.- Election and/or ratification of the associations administrative manager.

Eighth.- Miscellaneous and designation o whom will notarize the meetings minute.

By virtue of the importance which these matters will have for all Tower III Owners, the Assembly will make every effort to comply with the Agenda detailed above, we thank you in advance your timely attendance and in the event of not being able to attend please make use of the power of attorney (proxy).



Asamblea general Ordinaria de asociados de la Asociación Civil denominada Condominio Especifico Residencial Península torre III A.C. que se convoca con fundamento en los artículos 180, 181,182,183,y demás relativos del código civil del estado de Jalisco y articulo trigésimo sexto, trigésimo séptimo, trigésimo octavo, trigésimo noveno y demás relativos de la escritura constitutiva la cual tendrá verificativo el día 19 del mes de Marzo del año 2011 a las 10.00 horas en el centro de negocios (Business center) , localizado en la torre III del condominio Residencial Península, Av. Francisco Medina Asencio 2485 Torre III zona hotelera norte en Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, de conformidad con lo siguiente:

Orden del día

Primero.- Firma lista de asistencia,

Segundo.- Elección de presidente, nombramiento del Secretario y Escrutadores e instalación de la Asamblea.

Tercero.- Reporte de la administración

Cuarto.- Presentación y aprobación del presupuesto de gastos comunes de administración y mantenimiento para el año 2011

Quinto.- Presentación del monto y forma de pago de las cuotas de mantenimiento a cargo de los Condóminos, así como determinación la penalidad por pago moroso y su monto necesarias para garantizar el pago de las Cuotas de Mantenimiento.

Sexto.- Nombramiento y/o ratificación de los Miembros del consejo de Directores para el año 2011 y en su caso admisión de nuevos consejeros vocales.

Séptimo.- Nombramiento y/o ratificación del gerente administrativo de la asociación.

Octavo.- Asuntos varios y designación del delegado para que acuda ante notario publico y logre la protocolización del acta que consigne los acuerdos.

En virtud de la importancia que tiene para todos los Condóminos los asuntos que en la propia Asamblea se tratarán de conformidad con la Orden del Día arriba transcrita, agradecemos anticipadamente su puntual asistencia y para el caso de no poder asistir a la misma personalmente, sírvanse hacer uso de la carta poder, otorgándola a alguna persona de su confianza que les pueda representar legalmente ante la Asamblea.

Junta Directiva Torre III


Tower III Board of Directors

NEW announcements from the individual towers

Below are several informational newsletters and statements.  I try not to editorialize except for clarity.  At the request of Tower 1 and Tower3 I have links to a statement regarding landscaping reached by the boards of the respective towers in both English and Spanish.  The statement is in htn and in PDF.  The PDF file contains the pictures of the areas that are involved

Peninsula homeowners landscaping 1205201.htm

Gardened areas maintenance English.pdf                            (PDF Files with Pictures)                                        Mantenimiento  español.pdf


 At the request of Tower 2, I have posted below the links to the Tower 2 documents including newsletter recently made available.  Their website is   Peninsula Homeowners Association Tower 2

2010 Accomplishments (English)     Logros_Oct.2009_a_Oct.2010.doc              2010 Newsletter Tower (English)                 Peniódico_Noviembre_2010.doc

Below are the HTML Files which do not require to be downloaded

Accomplishment_october_2009__oc.htm        logros_octubre_2009__october_21.htm            2010 Tower 2 Newsletter           Torre 2 periodico.htm


At this moment,  November 23, 2010,   there is a agreement between the towers for holiday guards at the Casita and roaming the complex.  Tower 2 will act as the administrator for security. Each tower will pay one third the cost.  It is hoped this will form the basis for cooperation and future joint endeavors. 


As of November 16, 2010 there are no guards at the Casita.  Taxis now park on the inner circle to provide service. There is no restriction of traffic flow in or out of the complex. Tower 3 was notified of this about 24 hours before it happened. Tower 3 administration was notified that Tower 2 had not paid for their part of the service.  Tower 3 was given the option of extending for two weeks but this was declined by Tower 3 board members as no permanent solution existed. Tower 3 doors in the lobby are locked after 8 PM.

This has occurred because the guards were not being paid.   Peninsula  security and the administrator Roberto long ago were  fired by Felipe the Developer.   Felipe hired guards which Tower 2 was not supportive of and maintained  they were not competent and were not alert.  Tower 2 refuses to pay for them .  Tower 2 (as are we) is displeased because Tower 1 (Felipe)  not paid its portion of the water bill which is about $280,00 pesos. We are at risk of having the water shut off.  Tower 2s position relayed to our board of tower 3 is that Tower 2 has adequate security within its borders.  Tower 2 wishes to hire a security company which is not agreeable to Tower 1 and Tower 3.   Tower 2 feels that they should be in charge of security just as Tower 3 is in charge of the pool.  Although verbal agreements were that Tower 1 would handle landscaping, Tower 2 would handle security and Tower 3 administer the pool no written agreement has ever been signed. Tower 2 does not agree to joint landscaping and wants to continue to do its own landscaping.  As of this moment each tower does its own landscaping and the area by the river is maintained by the developer.  Tower 3 continues to administer the pool and is now heating it.  Tower 3 realizes that the pool is a fundamental piece of the complex and does not want this vital function abandoned.  Failure of the other towers to pay their share (which they have thus far) endangers this as the pool is an expensive commodity for one tower to maintain and would be very expensive to rehabilitate. It is a key part of the complex.

The signs were taken down as a sign of good faith  in an attempt to reach a consensus with Tower 1 and at the request of Fernando during the last round of negotiations.  As of this moment they have not been placed back up. 

I was requested by one of the board members of Tower 2 to try and convey all positions.  I have tried to do so but all errors are mine alone. I am the only board member here in PV at the moment.  I have offered to meet with Rick Maslow this week but have not had a response to my email.

The sum of this is that that homeowners should maintain caution when visiting here.  Keep your condo doors locked when in them.  Do not carry valuable possessions to areas where they can be stolen.  Keep a heightened awareness about you as you would do in any large city particularly in the parking garage.  There is no security presence at the pool so be prepared to see outsiders using the facility.  Therefore use caution interacting with strangers you do not know.   Although the casita is probably not the greatest security tool,  it does signal to the outside there is a security presence.  I dare say most everyone in PV knows the casita is empty.

I regret that we cannot come to better agreements. Please see my comments below.  I have included a response from Rick Maslow President of Tower 2.


To: All Peninsula Residents


Re: Whose in Charge of Security


Dear Fellow Owners:


There is much misinformation going around regarding the reason for not having security guards at the casita. Therefore I will try and put forward the facts of how we got here in hopes that we will not make the same mistakes twice in our search for a permanent solution agreeable to all.


1.      In April 2009 the security service was operated by the developer's manager (Alarman) and was to say the least inadequate. Also, all security employees for all of residential Peninsula were on Torres II payroll.

2.      One of the initial orders of business by Torres II first owner elected Board of Directors was to replace the Alarman operated security service with a highly regarded professional security company (Praetorian) which was done with the developer's prior agreement and consent in May of 2009. The cost of the services was divided equally between Torres II and III – Torres I did not paid anything.

3.      Praetorian's performance was uniformly praised by owners. However, by late August of 2009 Torres II was advised that Torre I and III fired Praetorian from servicing their Torres and the casita. Also, Torres II discovered that Torres III had not paid any part of Praetorian cost.

4.      In September 2009 the developer replaced Praetorian with a security company who Peninsula owners demanded fired for incompetence 2008 which had preceded Alarman security services.

5.      Torres II was not asked nor would it have accepted the developer's choice of the previously fired company for its security. Torres II kept Praetorian for its security. The precedent was then established that each Torres would provide for its own security.

6.      In February of 2010 there was a meeting of several leaders and owners from Torres II and III and the developer's architect and attorney. At that meeting it was suggested that Torres II assume responsibility for security. However the developer and Torres III some of the newly elected civil associations director's indicated that Praetorian would not be acceptable to the developer or Torres III because they were too expensive.

7.      Immediately after the meeting Torres III held open interviews inviting Torres I and III to participate with two different local security companies, we had contacted a third company, but they were more expensive than Praetorian.

8.      For many reasons, English speaking guards being an important factor, March 2010 of Torres II decided on which company should be hired.

9.      The cost was to be shared equally and Torres II had the company prepare a contract for each Torres to sign. Torres I and III then advised Torre II that they did not approve of Torres II decision and would not agree to hire the company. One reason actually given by Torres I was that the new company was going to employ terminated Praetorian guards, in particular, Torres II security "Jefe". Remember, owners were very pleased with the security service rendered by Praetorian, plus these guards had almost a year's experience at Peninsula were well trained and had proven themselves as reliable competent professionals.

10. Even though the other Torres rejected Torres II decision Torres II hired the new company employing the former Praetorian guards, with Praetorian's approval and has been extremely satisfied with the results.

11.  The other Torres now are telling residents that Torres II is in charge of security and that Torres II is responsible for the casita being empty. The fact is that Torres II has no support for its security decisions from its partners; therefore, Torres II is not in charge of anything!

12.  The bottom line is that Torres II has the best security of all the Torres. While Torres II security staff has first responder medical, emergency evacuation and fire training plus an exceptional security record including catching a car thief caught in the act and arrested the other Torres have no emergency training and have a security record that includes homeless passed out in their lobby overnight, burglaries and graffiti in their portion of the garage.


 Torres II would like to see the casita run professionally and not be the embarrassment it has been and we will work towards that goal with our neighbors even though we do

not view the casita as rendering any real security benefit for us; especially with the level of service that has been provided.




Rick Maslowe



Those of you who wonder about being here at your stage of life  AARP The Five Best Places to Retire

The following statement is my own and not part of the board.

I regret that our statement from the Board which has been in formulation for several weeks comes on the heels of comments by some homeowners.  It is apparent to me it is easy to offend with emails.  It is difficult to patch rifts which occur with a single   sentence.  It is very hard to negotiate in the public eye and when feelings of participants  are attacked.  The members of all the boards have spent their own time, vacations , and money to somehow fix problems which are not complex but for which strong feelings abound. Individuals adopt positions which they feel are appropriate but differ from other's solutions.  What cannot change is that we have a basically sound building in a place that is exquisitely unique and will remain so.  Owners of this complex may express frustration with the Human Failings that we all possess.  Ultimately the greatest force for change is the face we present to the public  and the pressure we as a group bring on those who would not work for the common good.  Although the first reaction may be to just give up, we still have significant amounts of our life savings , retirement and dreams invested.  I refuse to leave.  I refuse to believe that a community of people such as we are will not eventually prevail.  I urge all of you to use the power of your voice to pressure a resolution of all issues to a final and reasonable conclusion. Every condo owner has a stake in the future of this complex.  Emails may be temporarily therapeutic.   But it is more important for each owner to  talk to your  tower board members. Make your feelings known to the developer and his representatives.  .     Silence implies consent  to the present state of affairs.  However we should never lose respect and civility toward each other.

With respect



To The Owners of Tower III

The members of the board feel it is important to update the homeowners of Tower 3 of the current situation of several issues confronting the complex  For months the members of Towers 1, 2, and 3 have met to resolve and jointly manage complex wide issues on security, landscaping and the pool.

Many owners are aware of the signs in the common area regarding the pool and the use of pool passes. Pool passes to use the pool have been issued to Tower 2 and Tower 3 residents but not to Tower 1 because Tower 1 is behind in payments to manage the pool. The homeowners are paying their assessments but for unclear reasons the monies are not being released to pay for the one third of the pool expenses. Currently the estimate of the lag for Tower 1 is about $50,000 pesos. Consequently Tower 2 and 3 have stopped cleaning the pool in front of Tower 1 and parts of the reflecting pool. Meetings with the developer have not been successful in resolving some of these issues. The developer is now maintaining part of the shallow pool and the pool in front of Tower 1.

Security also continues to be an item that is not yet resolved. Towers 2 and 3 have their own security but there is not an agreement yet on complex security.

Landscaping as mentioned has been problematic. The Tower 2 board at the direction of their homeowners, only landscapes land that is part of their regime. They do not authorize payment for developer owned areas that are part of the complex. Under agreements made in February of this year, Tower 1 is responsible for landscaping but the grass has not been fertilized on months because fertilizer has not been provided. One of the key issues is that given the Tower 2 position do we continue to maintain the cost of the developer owned lands? It has been the position of Tower 3 that these lands while not owned by us do enhance the value of the property and the enjoyment of the premises particularly the area along the river Pitall. It is also likely given some of the other circumstances mentioned that these areas would not otherwise be maintained and would be costly to replace.

Some of the owners of Tower 1 have voiced their dismay over the events but there has been no resolution of the above issues.

There is yet no firm word on tower 3 titles. Despite inquiries there is no firm date for titles. General word is that the process is moving forward but the source of delay is the regional government.

We wish to state that many members of the board of tower 2 have tried to help resolve these issues. We need to be sensitive to the fact that unfortunately the complex because of different stages of ownership has not yet formed one cohesive unit.

We the board are committed to attempt to move forward to resolve these issues. It should be announced that for personal reasons Sergio Eichner is leaving the board but continues to provide valuable counsel. Eduardo Meza and Jorge Agnesi continue to manage finances and check writing with Oswaldo. We feel Oswaldo has done an admirable job in managing the tower and shown great initiative. We realize the above information may leave more questions than answers. We are confident in the long run that there will be a resolution of the problems. It may not occur until the developer departs. We the board extend a hand to the developer to meet with us to resolve these difficult issues. It is to the benefit of all concerned to solve these problems. The lack of resolution causes turmoil, and detracts from the desirability, public perception, and innate value of the complex in the Puerto Vallarta area and in Mexico in general

We wish to state that many people in the three towers have spent a great deal of time to resolve issues. The purpose of this statement is not to denigrate anyone but to inform the Tower 3 owners on a variety of difficult issues.

We have tried to present the facts as well as avoid rumors (which abound) and pejorative comments, which will not resolve these issues. We have delayed issuing a statement in the hopes of quietly resolving these problems.

As an aside, some outside glass has broken off the balconies. We are trying to deal with this as it occurs.

The Board of Tower 3

August 31, 2010


I have published a portion of the email to all Tower 3 board members from our administrator Oswaldo .  After months of trying to work out agreements with the management of Tower 1 for payment of  $50,000  of past pool expenses we have taken the following action. We deeply  regret this action but tower 3 and tower 2 should not  and cannot continue  to pay for all of the pool maintenance.   We hope that the owners in Tower 1 will take an active part in helping resolve this important but strategic issue.


Dear Tower III Board members


Following is a summary  of the pool situation for everyone to be aware.


After not receiving payment for the last couple of months from Tower I, the pool administration decided to suspend the pool service until payment.


Before suspending the maintenance I got together with some board members of Tower II and the administration, we both agreed that is seems unfair that our residents be punished for tower I’s lack of payment and agreed the following.


1.       We are not servicing tower I’s inner pool or Jacuzzi (since Thursday).

2.       We had some huge signs printed on 2 X 2 meter canvas that read:

Pool passes are now required for pool use, unfortunately tower I residents and guests will not be provided with pool passes until tower I administration pay their share for pool expenses. (Spanish and english).We also decided to hang these very visible signs in our pool isle as well as another in tower II, the 3rd sign will be placed on tower II’s right side tower landscaping (C,D side) for tower I residents to read as soon as they walk out their building.

3.       We are now using pool passes and are delivering them only to tower II and III owners which we have registered, we have also printed out some flyers that we are delivering to residents from tower I that are using the pool facilities.


The last point we agreed on was to send this information out to all owners of our towers so they can be aware of Tower I’s/Developer’s lack of payment towards this common area.


P.S. Sara could you please help us by posting this on the website, if you think we need to re write the information to make it clearer please send it back to me so I can e-mail it to all our residents and share it with tower II as well.


Wish everyone a great weekend.

Oswaldo Toscano

Administration Tower III

322.221.3489 Ext. 5015






Please be cautious placing organic material in the garbage disposal.  We had a major leak in Tower  III from organic material

Español abajo

Dear Tower III owners and/or property managers

Attached you will find the Tower III new pesos and dollars accounts, both of these accounts have references that will allow us to identify your wires more easily. For the pesos account there is a reference number and an alphanumeric reference for the dollars account you will only need the alphanumeric reference.


In the case of a PESO wire for Apartment 1A
Account number 4687-23537 reference 120159 01AT328


In the case of a DOLLAR wire for Apartment 1A

Account number 4687- 9000769 reference 01AT384

To find the reference number for your condo see Reference numbers for condos in Tower III (excel spreadsheet) , Tower 3 reference numbers (HTML)


I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the due date for fees to be paid is the 10th of every month (as of the 11th maintenance fees incur in a 10% late fee penalty), electricity consumption before meter installation and reserve fund are now incurring in a late fee penalty as they were due on December 10th of 2009 (agreed & ratified at the annual meeting). The annual meeting minute was sent out last week if you did not receive it please let me know.


Should you have any questions regarding this or any matter please feel free to contact me at anytime.


English above

Estimados propietarios y o administradores de Torre III

Adjunto encontraran las nuevas cuentas de pesos y dólares referenciadas para facilitar la identificación de sus depósitos. Para la cuenta de pesos hay tanto una referencia numérica como alfanumérica en el caso de la cuenta de dólares ésta solo cuenta con referencia alfanumérica.

A continuación un ejemplo:

En el caso de una transferencia en PESOS para el depto. 1A
Numero de cuenta 4687-23537 numero de referencia 120159 01AT328


En el caso de una transferencia en DOLARES para el depto. 1A

Número de cuenta 4687- 9000769 reference 01AT384


Aprovecho esta oportunidad para recordarle que la fecha límite de pago para cuotas mensuales es más tardar el día 10 de cada mes (a partir del dia 11 se aplicara un 10% como penalidad por pago tardío), las cuotas de consumo de electricidad antes de la instalación de su medidor y fondos de reserva no cubiertos han generado intereses a partir del día 10 de Diciembre del 2009 según los acuerdos de la asamblea. La minuta de la Asamblea anual se envió por esta misma vía en la semana pasada, en caso de no haberla recibido le pido de favor se ponga en contacto conmigo para que le sea re enviada.


Cualquier duda o comentario quedo a sus órdenes.



Oswaldo Toscano

Administration Tower III

322.221.3489 Ext. 5015




Below are the minutes from the April 3 Tower 2 Civil Association.  Coming soon reference numbers for paying maintenance fees




Paul Christensen has left the board and we are grateful for the time and service he gave.  There are no compensations other than the hope of making this a better community. We wish him well in his new pursuits.  There is a new board member and I am working to get his picture and will add his name.

If you are coming to PV contact Maribel and let her know you are coming.  Her email address is
:maribel.peninsulat3@gmail.com.  This is important for security and for  helping you when you arrive. She also runs a concierge service .


Below is the administators power point for the meeting 2010 for Tower III

presentacion/Presentation  Torre III 2010


  Earthquake info for Puerto Vallarta 


I am going to try and do skype at the meeting.  Skype is a way to conference across the internet with video and audio.  I have never done this but am willing to.  Update:  The Skype worked but I was limited to three participants.  I learned some things but will continue to improve this.  One owner was able to submitted concerns to the meeting. I am sure I can make this work better with time

 Download the latest version of Skype 






Parking is become a somewhat controversial issue.  These are allocated by the developer and the boards of Tower 2 and 3 have no control as to where these are at this point. There are some ongoing discussions on the parking so stay tuned.   Some condos have two parking spaces as designated in your contract.



This is the wire transfer info for owners tower 3 to pay their bills.  If you wire money, be sure to follow up with an email to Oswaldo to verify it is credited to your account.  Otherwise it is hard for administration to keep track of who has paid.  As always keep a copy of all receipts.  If there is a question most phones can take a picture of thee receipt and you can then email it to Oswaldo.  You can also fedex checks down and then have a tracking number and cancelled check for a receipt.  Always put the months you are paying for on the check. 


The new assistant administator is Rocio.  Contact her for any questions on accounts reloads or other financial questions as well as Oswaldo.
Her email address is  


Bank- Banamex
  Account- 46879000653
  Swift Routing- BNMXMXMM
  18 digit CLABE- 002320468790006537
  Is in USD

Banco Banamex
Av.Fco.medina Asensio No.2485
Zona Hotelera
Puerto Vallarta ,Jal.
cp. 48333
sucursal 4687
Tel.322 22 12084
322 22 11907
Fax 322 22 13169





Tower 2 specific news is further down




Tower 3 Board members and Staff




          Edward Meza             Dan Carrico                    Sergio Eichner              Jorge Agnesi                 Sara Becker                 Guillermo       


Tower 3 Owners who have questions regarding their accounts should contact Oswaldo Toscano                  at the below email address for payment instructions and account numbers which are also recorded in the minutes of the association    Oswaldo.peninsulat3@gmail.com


Major Current    Goals of the Board of Tower 3

We all are reading everything, taking notes and assessing the whole situation as best and as fast we can.
We are trying to communicate everything through Sara so there will be only one unified voice from the board and no mix messages, rest assure that we are working but please be patience.
Right now we are focus on:
1.- Open the checking account, get reference numbers for each home owner so there wont be any problems allocating the deposits to the correct unit and try to facilitate the payment methods so it would be as easy as possible for foreigner and locals to pay the monthly fees, electricity and reserve funds.
2.- Understand the financial situation and get ALL delinquent home owners to balance. Without funds there is nothing we can work with and make improvements.
3.- Elaborate the building check list.
4.- Do the financial audit.
T3 Board   11/13/2009



Important announcement from the Tower 3 Board

To the Tower 3 home owners from the Board:


We have been hearing that few home owners made some private agreements with the developer DCL where reserve funds, and /or maintenance payments were not required until certain repairs were performed on the owners condo. The general concept was that DCL would make these payments until repairs were completed.

The position of the Board is that since these agreements were made between the owner and the developer we cannot and will not interfere but the monthly maintenance fee and reserve fund must be paid by either one. Each home owner is responsible to bring their accounts completely current no later that December the 10th or they will not be allowed to reload electricity funds and the unit will be subject to a 10% late fee payment per month on the unpaid balances as stated in the minutes of the last general assembly, (located on the Web site and mailed to the Yahoo talk group).


We understand that this will potentially anger some owners but please try to understand that we cannot be involved in private issues and also that we are addressing all the common areas and multiple issues at the same time. It is unreasonable and polarizing to expect owners who are current to subsidize those that are not.


We apologize for inconvenience and displeasure this position may cause 

 Major Current    Goals of the Board of Tower 3

We all are reading everything, taking notes and assessing the hole situation as best and as fast we can.
We are trying to communicate everything through Sara so there will be only one unified voice from the board and no mix messages, rest assure that we are working but please be patience.
Right now we are focus on:
1.- Open the checking account, get reference numbers for each home owner so there wont be any problems allocating the deposits to the correct unit and try to facilitate the payment methods so it would be as easy as possible for foreigner and locals to pay the monthly fees, electricity and reserve funds.
2.- Understand the financial situation and get ALL delinquent home owners to balance. Without funds there is nothing we can work with and make improvements.
3.- Elaborate the building check list.
4.- Do the financial audit.
T3 Board





here is a Yahoo talk group started by Chris Flake     mailto:leflake@gmail.com





 I will be posting pictures of the board members, administration and some of the workers who make our stay enjoyable and some background of each member


Below is the statement from Osweldo  who is assisting with administation and the Minutes of the Tower 3 General assembly from October 30, 2009

Dear Tower III Homeowners.
Greetings from Peninsula! My name is Oswaldo Toscano and I am pleased to introduce myself to you as the new Administrative Manager serving your Tower! I’ve recently joined the Alarmen team and I am thrilled and excited to be here! I come to Peninsula with 6 years experience as a Property Manager with the bulk of my experience being Homeowners Associations, specifically.
I truly look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you going forward.
Please find the Assembly minute attached, it is very important that you be aware of the agreements reached in this Assembly.
If you have any questions or concerns that I can help with please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards
Oswaldo Toscano
Estimados Propietarios de Torre III


General Assembly minutes of Tower 3 10/30/2009.pdf

MINUTA asambly     10302009.pdf

Fellow homeowners:
We had our first official assembly last Friday October the 30th and although in the coming days we will send the official detailed minute as well as some separate information regarding different issues we wanted to give you a heads up on the topics that were discussed and voted during the assembly:
1.- The Civil association is establish and everyone was all ready included, the official name is: Condominio Especifico Residencial Peninsula Torre III A.C
2.- We will start the process of receiving the building from the developer, (assets, financial resources and electricity issues), after a thorough analysis and complete satisfaction from the hole board members we will then officially receive the building.
3.- We accepted the budget for 2010 that was presented by Alarmen and the board will start analyzing it. No increase in monthly assessments fees for year 2010
4.- The healthy financial situation of our tower is imperative in order to properly operate therefore it was unanimously agreed that all delinquent homeowners either in maintenance fee and/or reserve fund should be up to date immediately. Further details will follow in the coming days.
5.- The official board was elected with the following board members, (alphabetical order): Jorge Agnesi, Sara Becker, Dan Carrico, Paul Christensen, Sergio Eichner and Eduardo Meza.
6.- By law we need to have during the first trimester of every year the annual association assembly therefore it is anticipated that another assembly will be held in the spring. Detail will follow with sufficient time for everyone to make travel arrangements.
7.- Fernando Alarcon of Alarmen was named administrator by the assembly and will be accountable to the board members.
8.- All communications will be primarily held by e-mail therefore it is important that everyone register their primary e-mail address with the administration.
9.- The board members will start working on the common issues and common areas prioritizing all the work ahead of us, at this point every homeowner should keep taking care of all the individual issues between them and the developer and as we move forward further services will be include on the administration of T3.
10.- Fernando Alarcon was named the person in charge of having the minutes notarized.
Regards and thank you for trusting us
Jorge Agnesi
Sara Becker
Dan Carrico
Paul Christensen
Sergio Eichner
Eduardo Meza

Minutes are being compiled in Spanish and English

From: Torre 3
Date: 10/22/09 15:56:58
Subject: Information for Península Tower III Assembly

Dear Tower III Homeowners and/or Reps.
Just a friendy reminder that the annual meeting for Tower III Homeowners, will be held as follows:

Friday, October 30th 2009
2009 “Condominio Especfico Residencial Peninsula Torre III” Annual Ordinary Meeting.
At 16:00 hrs. at the Business Center in Tower III

Purpose of the meeting: The primary purposes of the annual meeting are to elect the Board of Directors for the coming year, to present the operating budget for 2009, to review the Association’s activities for the past year and to answer any questions or address concerns.
A  quorum of owners (in person or by proxy) is required in order to elect the board and vote on the proposed amendments, so please make every effort to attend or send a proxy. Owners unable to attend the meeting should fill out and sign the attached proxy form and submit it in one of the following ways:
-        Scan and e-mail it to oswaldo.toscano@alarmen.com.mx
-        Provide it to a neighbor you know will be attending the meeting


There will be a meeting for vote on the Civil Association for Tower 3 on October 30, 2009 
It is very important that as many owners attend as possible.  Each owner should attempt to be there but an owner , agent , or relative can control one proxy
aside from the vote on their own condo.

From Sergio Eichner

Fernando Alarcon the owner of Alarmen the administration company is the one doing all the paperwork along with the attorney.
1.- Per the bylaws of the CA only home owners are able to represent their own unit plus up to 1 more unit with the appropriate proxy.
2.- Administrators, friends, brothers, sisters, etc... can represent 1 unit with the appropriate proxy but no more than one.
3.- Members of the board or committee cannot represent more than their own unit, they cannot accept any proxy in their favor.
Below in red the article in spanish and in english is on page 11 article 34 but it is in PDF and cannot copy here, (keep in mind that he english version that Dan sent earlier it is no the final one therefore the diference in article numbers).

--------------- ARTÍCULO CUADRAGESIMO.- Los asociados activos podrán hacerse representar por simple carta poder, pero cada mandatario solamente podrá representar a un asociado. No podrán ser mandatarios los funcionarios de la Asociación.------------------------------------------------------------------------

Finally and just FYI T2 did not need a CA because they had the condominium regime in place since the beginning so maybe this is the confusion.

To: peninsula_owners@yahoogroups


The following is the rules in Spanish and English for the common areas courtesy Sergio Eichner

Rules for Common area in Spanish and English

"Yesterday  (9/25/2009)  a meeting took place in Guadalajara with Felipe Tomé, Miriam Orozco (DCL attorney), José Batiz (DCL technical staff), Ricardo Sainz (A/C) and Fernando Alarcón (Administration).
They discussed about the air conditioning issue and they agreed: "(see below)

September 25, 2009 meeting regarding air conditioning and leaks


The following link details information regarding the Civil Association for Tower III

 Tower III Owners Informative Regarding Developer Issues and forming a Civil Association in Spanish and English


The translation in English (y Espanol)  of the Civil Association Bylaws for Tower III


Translation_of_By-Laws_Residencial_Peninsual_Torre_III (text file)

Estimados Propietrarios  de Torre III Espanol.htm


A new link from Lemmus regarding our development owners might be interested in.  Note many of the units in the Tower 1 (or as Lemmus calls it Tower 3)
are sold.



Recent Email from Fernando Alarcon (administrator) regarding the agenda for the meeting. I have not altered any words out of respect and for transparency

Date: 08/14/09 13:32:45
Subject: Re:
Dear Mrs Sara Becker

Hope you are fine.   Here`s the answer to your doubts :

Alarmen is a company dedicated to the administration of condominiums and residences with experience since 1987.   Roberto and Cecilia were hired by Alarmen to administrate Peninsula.   The idea is that Alarmen takes care of the administration of the 3 Towers with Roberto and Cecilia.   The salary is paid by Peninsula Tower I and Tower III.

For the 4th of september reunion i will send the invitation to all the condominium so they can assist.   This are the issues to discuss :

  1. List of attendance
  2. Situation with The electricity company (CFE)  and the situation with CFE with DCL
  3. Financial statements of the Tower III.   The accountant Victor Bernal will present this information that showsth incomes and expenses for the month of July.
  4. Discussion of the Constitution for the Civil Association and the authorization for this Association to run the founds.
  5. General issues.
If you wish to add something to this list, please feel free to do it.   If there´s any other doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact me.   Hope to hear of you soon.   Greetings.

                                             Lic. Fernando Alarcon Menchaca
                                                Administracion Peninsula-Alarmen


I have asked him to clarify the numbering of the towers , internet access for the meeting and what is the state of the titles.


Important Notice

There will be a meeting at a place yet to be determined probably Tower 3 on September 4, 2009 at 3 PM to form a Civil Association for Tower 3.

I am working with Roberto Perez to try and have this live over the internet.  I suspect it will be held in the lobby of  Tower 3 (not one as I am fond of misstating )

A Civil Association or (CA) will allow the owners of Tower 3 to deposit their maintenance funds to its account, pay  bills , keep an accurate accounting of the monies and to do audits.  The CA will give the owners of Tower 3 control over their maintenance and reserve funds.  It will also be a legal entity to allow us to work with Tower 2 committee and to negotiate with Philipe Tomei and the development company  DCL.   A lawyer, Manuel Martinez who is the Tower 2 lawyer is drawing up the papers . Currently the developer pays Fernando Alarcon to administer the building.  Cecily (CC) and Roberto Perez are his employees. There has been some talk of the developer Mr. Philipe Tomei hiring a new company from Mexico City to run the complex. 

CA 101


What is a Civil Association?  A CA is a legal entity in Mexico.  It would allow the owners of Tower 3 to manage the money from maintenance fees.  As of now there is no legal way for the owners of Tower 3 to represent themselves.  It would allow us to collect fees, pay bills , perform audits past and present of our monies and develop budgets.  It would allow us to negotiate with the developer and Tower 2.  Until we form a Condo regime (hopefully in January)  there is no other way for us to control our money. As it is now we have no input into the financial process as we have no legal representation under Mexican law.


How is it formed?   The lawyer, for Tower 2, Manual Martinez, is drawing up the papers and will present them on September 4.  Once they are signed by the signers then we are a recognized legal entity.   The major question is who will be the signers of the CA. Anyone who is  a native Mexican or who can furnish reliable identification under Mexican law can be a signer.  There is some legal liability to being a signer since the CA can take out a loan on its own.

Who should be the signers of the CA?  Those of us who have put in time on this feel Fernando Alarcon, Cecily and Roberto Perez should be the signers since this is what they are basically doing now.  Since we the owners instead of the developer would be paying the bills , we would have more direct control of the administration.  Fernando and his employees would be working for us instead of the developer.  There are ways to ensure that check security is in place which Sergio Eichner is more knowledgeable about than I

Can others be signers?  Yes, but there is a small commitment of time and responsibility.  Mexican law requires definitive identification. The lawyer is hopefully sending me the details of this. Fernando the current administrator of Tower 2 and 3 will grant us insurance or bail (fianza in Spanish ) from a third party to cover any misuse or fraud.  It is like bonding in the US.  It will cost some money but will hopefully cover any mistakes or errors in our startup

Can I trust the current administration when they now work for Philipe.    In the movie Patton,  George C Scott takes a general, Omar Bradley,  who is working for General Eisenhour and says to him "Now you are working for me."  The committee who has worked on this feel that this would be a good solution.  Certainly anyone else who wants to be a signer can do so.  Let me know and I will forward your name to the attorney. Roberto worked very hard to restore services during the power outage.

What about having the lawyer Mr. Martinez be a signer?  It could be done as I understand it but the expense could go to better administration.

Who controls the Budgets and makes new ones?   The CA will make a current budget and report to the owners.  It can also legally inventory and review past budgets and expenditures.  Most importantly we control our own money and can get an accurate accounting from our CA.  We can collect from delinquent owners and ensure bills are paid appropriately

What about the condo regime?  the condo regime can only be formed after papers come through from local government.  With a new political administration coming to power in January hopefully  we can form a condo regime which is the best legal entity to represent us.  But , we cannot do it now and we need to create a entity to manage Tower 3

Why form a CA when we may have a condo regime in place soon? Anyone who had the luxury of sitting in the dark in July knows that we need better control and accounting of our home now.  Tower 2 cannot negotiate for us or with us because our tower has no legal representation under Mexican Law.  When the condo regime is formed the CA will report to the condo regime.  It will not take the place of the condo regime. 

Is this not unnecessary duplication?  No because now we have no control over our finances or destiny.  As long  we do not exists as a legal entity,  we are at the behest of the developer.  Until we form a condo regime we will have no say in our home or its finances.  No one can deal with us because we have no standing under Mexican Law.  We are just a rabble now.

Why would the developer agree to letting us form a CA?  I do not have a good answer for this.  He has notified us that he will sign the papers required under Mexican law to allow a CA formed by us to administer the building.   I think there are some disputes as to who owes what for management of the common areas and this may be a way to resolve this from the developers view.


I don't understand any of this? For those of us who are American and Canadian we have to remember we are guests in Mexico and bound by their laws.  The events have made it clear that we need to assume responsibility for running our home Tower 3 and to have an entity that can under law work with Tower 2 and the developer.

What is the downside of a CA?  We may find out some things a few of us would rather not know.  But ignorance is a bliss only if you are incredibly ignorant. It will cost some money.  I am told by the lawyer and tower 2 committee  that it was not very expensive.  I have heard the amount of around 2-3 thousand USD from sources who have done this. 

What if I cannot be there?  We hope to have internet connection and communication.  Remember, this is the first of many steps.  We need to fix the airplane before we can go anywhere.  There will be at least one more meeting in October or November to review and resolve the initial steps here. A voting procedure has not been formally set up but I am in communication with the lawyer.

What about the power?  The developer Mr. Tomei has made a substantial deposit with the electric company to resolve this issue.  Please be aware several Tower 2 committee members,  several owners including one who furnished his personal jet airplane , the directors of the electric company, and Mr. Tomei worked together to resolve this.  I am hopeful there will be no more blackouts.

What else?  At some point , we are going to have to help Tower one develop the regimes and knowledge which Tower 2 helped us learn. We are a very lucky community to be where we are.  At some future date we will be grateful we resolved all this with wisdom and grace


What else have we learned?  When you have highly motivated , intelligent and successful people as we are that we can resolve issues peaceably.  There will be other difficulties ahead.  There are many issues such as air conditioners,  delinquent owners, security,  dispute resolution, and maintenance of the buildings (particularly the reflecting pools).  Personal communications, negotiation and sometimes crisis are required to resolve issues.  Anger, threats , loud voices , and posturing do not seem to work well in the Mexican Culture. We need to keep the big picture of gaining financial control and legal recognition to resolve other issues

Be aware that this information is dynamic.  As it is reviewed by others I will revise it to correct any errors or misconceptions.  This Q&A is my best summary at the time of writing that I can devise.  In the interest of fostering understanding and participation as quickly as possible, some of this information may be changed to reflect more accuracy.   Any errors are mine 

 If there is a mistake let me know and I will correct it.  My thanks to Dewey Desler and the tower 2 committee, Mike Kennedy , and particularly Sergio Eichner.

Sara Becker                                                                           




Tower 2 Committee Notes

I have permission from the tower 2 committee specifically Dewey Desler , secretary of the tower 2 committee and Rod Hoffman, communications chair of tower 2  to make the following documents available to the Peninsular Condo owners.  I urge all owners to read these and to commit to staying informed. Until we have our titles in tower 3, we can best learn and benefit by the efforts of the tower 2 committee



May 2009 Newsletter Board Tower 2

Possible 2009 Peninsula Board of Directors Goals Tower  Two

Summary of Accomplishments and Challenges Tower Two Committee


Security Notice

Because of concerns over security I have removed email addresses and names from the website.  See notice from US State Department dated February 20,  2009

In the space where names were listed I have placed links to the State Department and associated links.  Not only do we need to look out for each other, we need to look out for ourselves.  Please see the area on lower area regarding security.  Please see the warning by the state department.  Consider picking up taxis in the garage by the security area and returning to the same instead of picking up taxis in front or by Starbucks.

I have included the informational bulletin from Roberto Perez re phone numbers, security,  and rules.  There is a statement about taxes
although my understanding is that if you don't own the title you dont have to pay the taxes.  A recent clarification from Roberto is that the comment in the bulletin on taxes pertains only to Tower 2.  Tower 3 is not even registered with the property tax people ( from individuals that tried to pay taxes in Tower 3)


Informational Bulletin From Peninsula Management dated Jan 2009



Committe notes


 Michael Kennedy has jointed the committee and held a meeting of available owners to discuss forming a Civil Association which is an entity that will allow the Tower 3 owners to more closely govern controll the finances of the condo.  See discussions in the Committee association notes and emails
committee Emails and Stewart title search.   There are also the documents submitted by the developer (in Spanish ) regarding a civil association the condo regime , regulations governing the owners and what is allowed such as pets.  There is also a proposal for an inspection of the building


"the meeting  2/20/2009) took place yesterday from 6:30 to 10 pm, from the homeowners side there was Jack, Janice and myself from the committee and Doris Fox and Mike Kennedy that asked to be present and from the developer and administration side there was Alejandro Baez, Alberto Lemmus, Fernando Alarcon, Roberto  and Cecilia the accountant and attorney which I do not remember their names. (Fernando will prepare the minute in english, I asked him to do it as soon as possible)."  From Sergio Eichner email committee member 2/21/2008  (additional in committee notes)

Developers notes from meeting 2 20 2009

A meeting took place of the Tower committe with Sergio Eichner,  Jack and Janice Acurizan, and the developer and his representatives on February 20 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM.   Much of the information is in Spanish and a summary is going to be provided by Sergio.  We at Tower three owe a debt of gratitude to these individuals. I have added the information to the committee notes.

 I have also added a notes from Pete Smith who has provided a Spanish copy of a lawsuit involving Peninsula. See Below.  Hopefully translation to follow



The committee particularly Sergio Eichner and Pete Smith have assembled some information regarding the project from the developer and the administrator.  I am pleased that a lot of issues have been discussed and formal written agreements are supposed to be forthcoming.  To summarize the developer has accepted responsibility for fixing the toilets, air conditioning and physical plant.

The developer and administrator have agreed to furnish in writing budgets on accounts, rules for the building and other issues.  They have agreed to be responsible for taxes until we have formal titles.

Stewart title in their response to me regarding the title search have encountered no issues that will prevent us from getting our titles. They have stated that until the condo regime is established the developer is responsible for the taxes.  However, all taxes must be paid for titling to occur.

Marineus is no longer part of the development

There is a lot if information in the emails and I have provide a link to them in the best chronological order I can provide.  Any errors are mine.  I am deeply grateful for all the time that the committee has put in and the good faith effort of the developer and the administrator. 

committee Emails and Stewart title search response.htm



There is a Yahoo talk group started by Chris Flake     mailto:leflake@gmail.com



Old news from 12/31/2008

There was  a meeting of Tower II owners on December 29.  It was well attended with establishment of an improved email contact list.  Mr. Alberto Lemus (Lemmus Realty)  and Cecilia of administration and Marineus attending.  There were assurances by Mr. Lemus that the air conditioning and toilets will be fixed.  He also did not see any inhibitions to eventually the deeds to the individual condos awarded.  Mr. Lemus stated that it does take time in Mexico to assemble all the documents and submit them to  the proper authorities.   No express date for closing was given.

Six  individuals were selected by the group to act as a conduit for information and to facilitate passage of questions.  No legal responsibility was designated at the meeting.  The hope is with improved lines of communication that there will be less frustration for the tower III condo owners.

 I wish to thank Roberto Perez and Cecily of Administration,  Mr. Alberto Lemus for all their help and courtesy which I was
very grateful for.   Any typing errors or misspellings are my fault alone.

The committee members who have agreed to coordinate with the developer Filepe and Aberto Lemus are:

Peter  Smith 10D III petesmith@mcdowellrice.com  Jorge Agnes 3B jorgeagnesi@prodigy.net.mx (note-address correction)
 Sergio Eichner  19A sergioeichner@hotmail.com      Sara Becker  17B   sara@sarabecker.com
and  Jack and Janice Arizcuren 8A
janice arizcuren

Sergio had a meeting with a representative Alejandro Baez the legal representative  for the developer   and has some additional information he will pass on shortly
My current understanding from him is that we are not responsible for taxes if we do not have a deeded property.  More to come





Other concerns can be posted on the PV PEN Owners Discussion area


If there are new owners please contact me at my email sara@sarabecker.com

PV PEN Owners Discussion area

If there are any concerns, contact me at my email   sara@sarabecker.com


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Because of security concerns I have removed the names from this list.  Chris Flake has a secure yahoo talk area with email addresses


State Department : Mexico

Mexico Crime Wave Has Tourists On Edge - CBS News

CDNN :: Alcohol Blamed for Rapes, Violence Against Tourists in Cancun, Acapulco


February 20, 2009

US State Department


This Travel Alert updates security information for U.S. citizens traveling and living in Mexico.  It supersedes the Travel Alert for Mexico dated October 15, 2008, and expires on August 20, 2009.

While millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year (including thousands who cross the land border every day for study, tourism or business), violence in the country has increased recently.  It is imperative that travelers understand the risks of travel to Mexico, how best to avoid dangerous situations, and whom to contact if one becomes a crime victim.  Common-sense precautions such as visiting only legitimate business and tourist areas during daylight hours, and avoiding areas where prostitution and drug dealing might occur, can help ensure that travel to Mexico is safe and enjoyable.

Crime and Violence Throughout Mexico

The greatest increase in violence has occurred near the U.S. border.  However, U.S. citizens traveling throughout Mexico should exercise caution in unfamiliar areas and be aware of their surroundings at all times.  Mexican and foreign bystanders have been injured or killed in violent attacks in cities across the country, demonstrating the heightened risk of violence in public places.  In recent years, dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped across Mexico.  Many of these cases remain unresolved.  U.S. citizens who believe they are being targeted for kidnapping or other crimes should notify Mexican officials and the nearest American consulate or the Embassy as soon as possible, and should consider returning to the United States. 

U.S. citizens should make every attempt to travel on main roads during daylight hours, particularly the toll ("cuota") roads, which generally are more secure.  Occasionally, the U.S. Embassy and consulates advise their employees as well as private U.S. citizens to avoid certain areas, abstain from driving on certain roads because of dangerous conditions or criminal activity, or recommend driving during daylight hours only.  When warranted, U.S. government employees are restricted from traveling to or within parts of Mexico without prior approval from their supervisors.  When this happens, the Embassy or the affected consulate will alert the local U.S. citizen Warden network and post the information on their respective websites, indicating the nature of the concern and the expected time period for which the restriction will remain in place.  U.S. citizen visitors are encouraged to stay in the well-known tourist areas of the cities.  Travelers should leave their itinerary with a friend or family member not traveling with them, avoid traveling alone, and should check with their cellular provider prior to departure to confirm that their cell phone is capable of roaming on GSM or 3G international networks.  Do not display expensive-looking jewelry, large amounts of money, or other valuable items.



List of useful Peninsula, Lemmus, and other valuable contacts

Alberto Lemus, developer  albertolemus@lemmus.com  developer for Penninsula Condos

Marineus Lopez,   322 145 6038 developer representative and person handling acceptances of condos to owners  She has left the peninsula development
Here replacement is Carmen Solarzano  csolorzano@citicapital.com.mx

Roberto Perez, Maintenance and fees, roberto.perez@alarmen.com.mx

Alma Aldrete, rental agent Local PV # 293-6072 Cell PV# 044 322 779-5477
US #206-259-9533   Speaks fluent english, She does long and short term rentals

Antonio Gonzales Arroniz appliances, water systems , furniture and installation, 
antoniomueble@yahoo.com.mx id 62*269514*4  nextel 322 145.39.48

Patricia Gonzales patriciaonestop@yahoo.com.mx  62*269514*3 nextel
145.39.49   property management 

Lilliana Casa Ortiz, Vallarta Condos Property Management
Mexico 322 177 05 33 US 305-677-0978

Rolando Palomares Pena, property management,  rolando@exoticrealty.com
Marina Vallarta, Las Plamas I , Local 2, PV cell 011 521 322 135 8886
tel y fax (01152) 322 221 2377

Adriana Riesta, Design Culture by Espacios.  adriana@designculture.com.mx , interior design
011 52 (322)20921 59/61/62/70/71

Bruce Garipay, Electronics concierge, sound and TV systems bgaripay@electronicscondierge,com cel 044 322 779 9363 us 602 373 1112

Salid  Finatone, Carpenter  322 125 7639  cabinetry and bookshelves per Janice Arizcuren

Alfreido Meina,  electrician 322 156 8044

Alonso Herrera, Locksmith alonso_cia@hotmail.com tel 01 (322) 225 0421 cell 044 322 294 2342

Kevin Crisp, Business Development Manager, Stewart Title Puerto Vallarta  kcrisp@stewartpv.com  www.stewartlat.com
US line (1) 713-271-5453  Mexico line Toll free 01 800 702 9559 office
(01) 322 209 1483

Gustavo Calderon, gus.calderon@gmail.com  Real estate lawyer in Playa Del Carmen.  Av. Constituyentes, esq 10a Av., Playa Del Karma, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo    77710  Mexico
Playa del Carmen  +52 1 984 807 80 12 Mex city +52 55 52 73 18 03


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